Red Rock Financial Services is a collection agency fully licensed where required, and in full compliance with collections laws, providing collection services to Community Associations through the non-judicial and judicial foreclosure process. We have years of experience in collecting assessments for Common-Interest Communities, with a strong focus on customer service and client relations. All services are provided with no up-front fees and at no or low cost to the association.
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Red Rock Financial Services is a NO cost collection services company. All collection costs and fees are billed directly to the homeowner.
Our fees and costs are among the lowest in the industry. Though the Association is not paying for the charges, we attempt to collect the delinquent assessments with as little cost to the homeowner as possible.

Fee and Costs


At Red Rock Financial Services we believe that you should have access to everything there is to know about your delinquencies. In addition to a progress report on each account, we provide monthly reports that give the association a wide range of delinquency data. This allows the association to see trends which can be very helpful at budgeting time.

Exception: Texas HOA prohibits NO cost collection practices.


Starting an account at Red Rock Financial Services is quick and easy. All we need is a signed Collection Agreement.
Once we have received your association’s signed Collection Agreement, you’ll be receiving a Welcome email with documents and forms we need to start collecting on your delinquent accounts.

Exception: Texas prohibits NO cost collection practices.
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